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Cayman Islands Submarine night dive

Looking for things to do in Cayman at night? Our Submarine Night Dive is truly unique as it provides elegant, underwater, evening entertainment.


When night falls on the reefs, the creatures, coral and colors come out!  At night, the underwater world provides a rare experience that reveals nocturnal fish in their predatory mode, and corals with their polyps opened,  reflecting a kaleidoscope of colors not seen during the daytime. When the sunsets, your mood changes. No longer are you looking for the active sand sea and sun tours and excursions, but  more sophisticated and intimate experiences. The combination of nocturnal underwater activity and your expectation of  nighttime entertainment provides a platform for this unique experience in Grand Cayman, our Atlantis Submarine Night Dive.

A relaxed ferry ride to the submarine, (just at, or after sunset), sets the mood as the lights on shore provide the backdrop scenery to the start of your evening. Arriving at the dive site, the sea is dark, but the tour lights create an eerie glow around the submarine, reminiscent of movie scenes from another world.
Once the Submarine hatches are closed and your night dive descent begins, your adrenaline doesn’t know quite what to do, as initially there’s nothing to see. Our tour lights are no equal to the sun in the day time, and won’t penetrate from the surface to the bottom. Within 2 or 3 minutes, when the submarine gets within about 20 feet of the bottom, the reef vaguely and slowly comes into view. As the pilot sets his correct dive depth within 6 feet of the reef, the coral’s opened polyps and the sponges on the reefs, begin to reflect a full spectrum of colors back to you in the submarine.
At this point, the nocturnal predatory fish should also be visible, scouring the reefs by the lights of the submarine for unwary daytime fish asleep in crevasses of the coral.  These fish will usually follow the submarine throughout the tour, providing distraction and excitement.
Throughout your 45 minute underwater experience, our tour guide will provide commentary on the nighttime underwater world, in a humorous and entertaining fashion.
Our Submarine Night Dive is truly an experience that you should not miss if you are seeking elegant, underwater, evening entertainment in Grand Cayman.
We regularly schedule multiple departures to accommodate your preference of an early or late dinner. In the summer these will be at 7pm and 8pm, and in winter 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm. The entire tour lasts one and a half hours, so you can choose to have an early dinner and late dive, or an early dive and a later dinner.  There are many restaurants on the waterfront Harbor Drive in George Town within walking distance of the submarine location. Ask your hotel concierge for further advice and guidance on your choice of restaurants.
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