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Experience the thrill of journeying beneath the sea in Grand Cayman on a tour in a Real Submarine. A technological marvel, the Atlantis XI Submarine was specifically designed for underwater sightseeing excursions. The spacious cabin is air-conditioned and for your added comfort, maintained at sea level pressure (no effect on the ears). The smooth ride and clarity of the water will amaze you as you explore Grand Cayman's Underwater Marine Park to depths of 100 feet. Children must be at least 3 feet tall in order to participate in the tour.

Looking for things to do in Cayman at night? Our Submarine Night Dive is truly unique as it provides elegant, underwater, evening entertainment.

The Seaworld Observatory was designed and built by Midship Marine Inc., of New Orleans La., specifically for Atlantis Submarines for tours of the shallow reefs around Grand Cayman. Guests simply descend into the observatory and sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface of the water.

There is a common myth that you can purchase all shore excursions less expensively by going direct to a local operator. While there are usually some price variances, the price differential is not always better with the operator, particularly if you are choosing a reliable and professional operator. In addition, you are on vacation, and there are numerous “peace of mind” reasons which will make your vacation more enjoyable if you book your shore excursions with your cruise lines. Atlantis Submarines in the Cayman Islands is offered by almost all leading cruise lines calling into the port of George Town, Grand cayman. For your convenience we have provided below direct links to all cruise line Shore Excursion pages for our tours in Grand Cayman. So simply have your cruise registration information handy and book with them on line and early.
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